Sacred Soul Yoga Studio

    Sacred Soul Class Descriptions


  Yoga tips and etiquette are to help make sure that everybody gets the most from their practice. These simple guidelines are not intended to be set as rules or restrictions but rather to ensure that all respect is being protected.

1. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. Place your shoes and all other belongings in the cubbies.

2. Turn off your cell phone. It is very important that we don't disturb others during their practice. Cell phones are not permitted in the studio. 

3. Arrive on time. It is suggested that you come at least 10 minutes prior to class in order to sign in and get situated. If you are a new client who has not registered with us yet, please come at least 15 minutes early so that we have time to complete the registration process. As of now we are locking the doors during class to avoid any disruptions, please arrive on time. 

4. If you must use the restroom during your practice, please wait until the class has reached a resting pose.

5. Always respect your instructor and class. Please refrain from asking questions during your practice, all questions can be answered before or after class. It is highly discouraged to leave a class early.

6. Mind your personal hygiene. You may end up being closer to somebody than you expected. Avoid wearing any strong or overly applied perfumes or lotions. You don't want any of your odors to be a distraction to someone else.

7. Always stay for Savasana! As simple as it may seem, it is the most important pose in your practice. It is your time for you. Soak up all the positive energy from your practice and take it with you when you leave. Don't cheat yourself or anyone else of this reward by leaving class early.